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    I’d love a laptop like this, but the China concern is real.

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      I don’t think this matters in this case.

      This is quite similar to System76 laptops. All these manufacturers do the same thing - order the base shell from China, btu then do extensive work on it. Tuxedo Computers (Germany) and System76 (US) do especially a lot - even replacing the bios with Coreboot. But the alternative - ThinkPad - is also made in China and sold by Lenovo. So what are you gonna do, not buy a laptop at all?

      Maybe you can’t really trust anything these days unless you have fully open hardware and software, but even then you want to manufacture the thing yourself - totally unreasonable. I think some laptops are still fine and to be trusted, and while I wouldn’t buy the Clevo laptop, I would trust Tuxedo or System76 over it. (And Tuxedo more, because the relevant laws here in Germany are much better than in US so Tuxedo would be less inclined to deliver anything except what’s specified.)

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        In that case my wallet might hate you

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          Heh. I’ve actually had preodered a tuxedo pulse 15, really awesome machine (on paper and in some reviews), but had t cancel that due to some unrelated things.

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      There were a few mentions of the laptop being rebranded, and I was curious about alternative vendors/retailers for Tongfang laptops in other regions (EU/US mostly). Apparently, I did not have to search for long, someone already did this about a month back: https://www.reddit.com/r/AMDLaptops/comments/hzlcjo/all_of_the_vendors_that_are_offering_the_tongfang/

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        I’m unsure that any computer with a price tag of €1,000/$1,100 can be described as “cheap”, even if it has decent specs.

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          You wouldn’t believe what people are paying for much worse specs, when the laptops have an Apple logo.

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          What type of display is it using? TN? IPS? 6bit per channel? 8? frc? freesync?

          Other than that (it would be a deal breaker if screen was no good), the specs are great.

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            It’s an IPS I think. At least the Tuxedo Pulse version is:

            The image output of the AMD Radeon Graphics gets displayed on a 15.6 inch FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) 60 Hz panel, which particularly benefits content creators due to the high color gamut of 100% sRGB coverage and with its IPS-typical wide viewing angles.

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              Good to hear. IPS is about the minimum I’ll take.

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            Having a X270, I think that maybe in one year or two that could be my next laptop (or whatever next will come). Or I will just get a 6-month or 1 year old used thinkpad for a 1/3 of the prices. When you wmsee the aftermarket buying a brand new laptop tends not to make a lot of sense.