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      Linux kernel proposed usage of Rust (which contains freedom flaws and a centralized code repository that is more prone to cyber attack and generally requires internet access to use.)

      These seem like some weird reasons to not like Rust. Surely rejecting projects because they have a “centralized code repository” would exclude the majority of software projects today? Even if projects are not on something like GitHub there’s usually a central source of truth.

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      What’s the motivation for doing a “hard fork” of OpenBSD instead of just contributing to that project?

      Do you plan to keep your “hard fork” close enough to their upstream so that you can periodically incorporate their security improvements into your fork?

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      In Rust freedom flaws:

      “As an alternative to Tor, i2pd (I2P Daemon) may be used. “

      They suggest a change of anonymity software just for licensing and trademarks. Given the stakes… Wow…

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      Ironic that they want to use an anti GNU OS for their replacement for Linux as its not GNU enough.