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    A former employer hired an “Agile Coach” for about USD $5,000 for the day. He spent a few hours mumbling about what Agile is, extended a bunch of generic platitudes, and generally wasted everyone’s time.

    At this point I’m quite convinced Agile is a weird religious cult. Agile Coach A says Agile is x; Agile Coach B says Agile is not x, but y.

    I don’t care what it is. It’s not setting foot in my organisation.

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      Agile is a weird religious cult

      It’s also a tool to covertly implement micromanagement.

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      The only thing we need: Reflective, self-disciplined individuals who learn from their mistakes.

      Throw everything else in the dumpster and light it on fire. Geezus.

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        Oh gawd….

        I remember the Bad Old Days when the Rational Unified Process ruled the world and we revolted against the insanely process and meeting and documentation monstrosity that it was….

        …and sang gladly the praises of Extreme Programming which understood where we’re were at… being clobbered mercilessly by the business side, (with sound financial reasons) to implement changes at a far higher rate than could ever be achieved in RUP.

        And then the bureaucrats staged… what do you call it when a revolution is subverted by psychopaths? You know, what happened to the French Revolution with their murderous “Committee of Public Safety” and the Russian Revolution with the Stalinists?

        That happened.

        It was called Scrum.

        Agile isn’t the problem.

        It’s the “subverted by psychopaths” thing that’s the problem.