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Check out my side project [https://domainregret.com/]. This is a marketplace for when you have domains you’ve been sitting on for a while that totally sounded like a good idea at 2am and you were a tad bit drunk but now you’re not so certain. I’m trying to work out the kinks and get some feedback!


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    Random fact: lobste.rs is one of those domain names I bought at 2am and had no use for, until I needed a domain for this site.

    Does the voting affect the price or is that just for ranking? As a UX thing, I wanted to click on the “3 comments” and I thought clicking on the domain name would take me to that site, because it looks like most other link aggregation sites that work that way.

    I made hntrades.com a couple years ago for Hacker Newsers to swap/sell spare domain names and towards the end (before I took it offline when I got banned from HN) it was getting overrun by domain squatters that weren’t really HN users and just wanted to spam their list of domains for sale.

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      Good catch, now a link. Correct, voting only affects ranking. Yeah it took a few iterations to decide how to combat spammy/scammy listings.

      Thanks for checking it out!