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    “I found a 40 year old video of an 80 year old BBS transcript”

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      A 80 year old BBS transcript… that’d be seriously cool to have.

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        But seriously, it’s just text. Why make a video instead of just posting it on a blog or something?

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          Because this person preferred to make a youtube video, and likely didn’t want to go through the effort to scan everything when that doesn’t bring them any money, and because they already make youtube videos and have all of that set up?

          I don’t see how your parent comment at all figures into this one.

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            I’m not a fan of this trend either.

            But I heard that:

            • blogging is dead
            • engagement is higher and longer with videos
            • zoomers prefer videos
            • youtube views yield higher revenue (google pays creators; ads in video form are more effective)

            And other such stories. There’s also the revenue from views, thanks to ads.