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    Let’s start with ethical treatment of humans, and then proceed to other reinforcement learners.

    1. 10

      The Suffering of Algorithms is my new band name

      1. 2

        Out of curiosity, old band name is?

        1. 9

          The algorithm of suffering.

      2. 6

        I’m sure they are serious, but picking a word play on PETA as the name makes it feel the other way around.

        1. 4

          The entire point of having AGI/reinforcement learners is that we can do with them what we will without guilt.

          Why would you ever create a slave race if you are going to ruin it by feeling bad?

          1. 3

            this has a satirical undertone… I have to suggest: why not RLETRL instead? Reinforcement Learners for the Ethical Treatment of Reinforcement Learners? ;-) Cheers, fellow flesh-based algorithms.