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    Gave this a bash last night (pun intended), it’s cool.

    Things that are working:
    * being able to fire up apt-get from a command window is pretty cool.
    * a lot of the core utilities work flawlessly.
    * mounting the windows filesystem at /mnt/<DRIVE LETTER> works fine.

    Some niggles:
    * the entry point to the linux subsystem itself is just weird. why isn’t it just a flag to cmd.exe or “linux” as a command? feels like a poor abstraction to associate “bash” with “linux” when bash is just a shell. i’d also like to be able to run zsh pls.
    * why is it logging in as root by default? why isn’t %USERNAME% being carried over, with $HOME mapped to %HOMEPATH%? seems wonky but i’m sure there is a reason.

    A couple things that just straight up didn’t work:
    * apt-get install golang which installed ~go 1.2, didn’t work at all and crashes on start.
    * you cannot chsh -s for the root user.
    * conhost.exe is garbage. it’s 2016 and you have to patch the registry to add new fonts. good news is you can have line-break aware selection! really though the windows terminal application needs tons of help.

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      Minor nitpick on the last bullet – Cmd.exe and PowerShell are both shells. That is, they take strings and interpret them.

      The window you actually interact with, with crappy fonts and all, is called Conhost.exe. Cmd and PowerShell both use the same Conhost. It looks like Bash for Windows also runs in Conhost.

      Fortunately, as bad as Conhost is, they are working on improving it. Windows 10 improved copy/paste support, resizing of the console window, and I think they’re working on VT-100 emulation for proper *nix console coloring.

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      X11 and GUI stuff is not supported yet, however some things work anyways. Here’s how I got it working:

      1) Install an X Server for Windows. I prefer VcXsrv, since it’s far more up to date than the free release of XMing.

      2) Launch VcXsrv with the default settings.

      3) In bash, do export DISPLAY=computername:0.0 where computername is your computer’s name.

      4) Try xclock.

      I was able to run Geany and interact with it, but it segfaults pretty quickly. Looking forwards to X11 improvements.