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    One of the best worst movies ever.

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      “We went on a series of recces around New York, because the hackers over here (in London) didn’t really have too much of a profile: you couldn’t identify them. But in New York it was quite a big deal. They’d have conferences, and so on. And, fucking hell, they were so boring. Dressed in black. Some of them were quite old, actually, and they’d obviously been into computers for a long time. It didn’t quite have the glamour or the persona that I really wanted to create so we had to create our own, basically.”

      I would love to see recon results from today. Anecdotally in South Sweden it seems that most techies are wearing mostly black, hoodies, jeans. But I guess those are the ones that stand out.

      I imagine in San Francisco the vibe is much different.

      It is slightly sad that computer enthusiasts never found a fun style to go along with it. Not that fashion is anything; but identifying people based on interest is a basic human filtering mechanism.