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    The whole site/book is worth reading. I bought someone a copy of his other book (Typography for Lawyers) in order to support him.

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      Personally, I’m a big fan of Charter and have been using it in all of my writing and documentation. I felt compelled to share this since the author organized the typography for the Racket docs, and I believe the Racket docs might just be one of the best examples of documentation design in the world of open source software.

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        Source code pro is an excellent font. Easily my favorite for programming c# and javascript. I especially like how 1 l and i and I are all distinctly different.

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          Hm, difficult topic.

          Sure, if you’re providing the font for use for other people, please listen to professionals.

          But aren’t most monospace fonts for computer people 90% “I use this in my IDE and terminal?” - so unless it’s scientifically proven it increases fatigue or even makes their eyesight worse, “I like this” and “I can read this better” trumps “this font is objectively better” every time.

          Also fonts are little bit like hobby software projects. There are many, for several use cases, not all of them are good, but people like them, or they prefer to use their own stuff.