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    A SNES version of this would be much more tempting for me. At the time the 16bit games were such a huge jump forward that I never went back to the older games. I also found NES games rather hard to beat and play through. Perhaps I’m just a few years too young for this?

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      There are a few unofficial ones floating around like the Dingoo A320, and this hardware supports dozens of systems.

      Maybe the best feature of the emulators is save states, so you can take a checkpoint at any instant. It makes the old NES games a lot less punishing. A few years ago I used it to see the ends of a dozen or so NES games I couldn’t beat the first time around.

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        My guess: wait 5 years.

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        *Note that an AC adapter for the USB cable is required to play the system but is not included in the packaging.

        I don’t understand why they made this decision. It seems rather odd that a vital piece of the system (power) would be missing. Any ideas?

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          To increase profit, because most people have USB power adapters, and they can sell the exact same package internationally. I could be wrong on this last one.

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            Most TVs sold today have USB ports. You just plug it into HDMI and USB. No wart needed.

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            Any idea why they chose Armistice Day?

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              Probably just coincidence. It’s two weeks before “black friday” in the U.S. - enough time to sell some and get people excited about them.