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    I don’t really feel like this post belongs on Lobsters. To be frank, there is literally a tweet’s worth of information here. I assume the upvotes are for supporting you, which by all means, I do as well, but I come to Lobsters for deep geeky topics. If this article was in fact, about Haskell, or the techniques you use to stay focused, or how you learn I could definitely get behind it.

    I don’t mean to badger you personally about this blog post, I want just to state in general that this is not the kind of content I look for here. When I saw that it had 8 votes, I thought, wow, this must be something really worth a read. After reading the post I thought this person must have sent the link to his friends to upvote it for him. I see this pattern all the time on HN, and I am sorely disappointed to see it on Lobsters.

    I am just another user, so take this with a grain of salt, but I hate to see Lobsters go the way of HN or reddit this early. Don’t let me discourage you from posting though, I think journals about interesting Haskell tidbits are perfect for posting here.

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      Sorry, didn’t mean to be spammy. Downvote if it seems inappropriate. Maybe you’ll like today’s deep geeky topic of using existential types to simulate dynamic typing.

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      It’s “tomorrow”! Where’s my post!? :)

      Looking forward to following this journey.

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        Your post has arrived.

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        Do you have a “roadmap”? Like what sorts of things do you expect to cover and when? If you need help, I can think of some helpful starter exercises.