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    Good job, and nice write-up.

    I like Arch. It’s my current daily driver. I thought about trying to install it on the Pinebook Pro, but Manjaro is really good on there. And it looked like it’d be a lot of trouble to get Arch working on it, for a payoff that seemed unclear to me.

    After reading your post, I’m sure I did the right thing for myself… it would have been a lot of trouble, and the payoff still isn’t clear.

    What was it about the default Manjaro install that you disliked enough to want to roll your own Arch, and what do you like better about the system now? Or was it just fun to explore and do? (If it’s the second one, I very much appreciate that, but that’s not the vibe I got from your post.)

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      I just had a very specific configuration in mind that I didn’t believe the official Manjaro images would support. Namely full-disk encryption (which the manjaro-arm-installer did not support at the time), and I wanted to give a less trendy window manager a try and I had been under the impression that all the pre-made images came with one installed already (didn’t know there was a minimal Manjaro image). I figured getting Arch running would be less painful than having to deal with adding disk encryption after the fact and having to remove a bunch of pre-installed packages to get it pared down to the configuration I wanted.