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    For those using gitlab, https is already supported on pages but it’s a little bit manual. There is a bug tracking automatic https on pages here https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/28996

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      Does anyone know what they’re using for SNI?

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        Can you clarify the question? I can find out; do you mean what software we run at the SSL termination layer?

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          Yes, that’s what I meant.

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            The outer-most layer is Fastly, so they terminate it for us. (Looks like they run varnish, but no idea what’s in front of that doing SSL.)

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              Thanks, could it be varnish subproject “hitch”? Edit; looked at fastly website, difficult to decipher, marketing copy ftw!

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                It could, but I have no idea. This page seems to suggest it might be a separate service, going by the wording of “separate from the caching engine”.

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        Extremely happy to see my website supporting https without any action on my part!

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          I have been waiting for this for so long that I had begun to move my user and orgs off GitHub. Some of my domains had this feature a month or two ago, but not all.

          With the new IPs I also see that latency has dropped from ~130ms to ~15ms which is noticeable even on pretty simple sites.

          Now we just need HSTS support.

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            Finally! Been following the issue for ages. So happy to see it implemented, and finally migrating my whole workflow to GitHub Pages. Seems like we may be burning the servers a bit because my certificate has been being issued for an hour, but that was somewhat expected.

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              I too am (patiently) waiting for the cert to be issued, having updated IPs in my A records.

              Hats off to GitHub for dealing with this. For the past few years I’ve been watching the browsers take steps in the direction of HTTPS-only, and wondering how I’m going to deal with my otherwise flawless GitHub Pages hosted vanity domain / blog. Since the site is only a vanity domain and blog, I’ve been procrastinating on putting thought to this other than idly resigning myself to hosting my own server somewhere, and this is a rare example of procrastination paying off. Thank you GitHub! ;-)