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    It’s gotten common in Europe too. There are services that let you make purchases not by credit/debit card but instead by providing your banking credentials. These services are fully legit but there are so many things that can go wrong, it looks like a horrible idea.

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      There’s a company which does it in Australia, too. Logs into internet banking and creates a payment, using these banks:



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      Good luck with 2 factor authentication. If I tried it both of my banks would send me an SMS, “Oh hai, someone wants to make a payment”.

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        We have run into this with one of our payment providers when setting up ACH payments. It is an effort to combat fraud, they also allow use of “microdeposits” to verify your account. While as a user, it is annoying and frustrating, I also feel their pain. People committing fraud continue to find ways around countermeasures, this and measures like it are almost inevitable.

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          I’ve set up ACH transactions, and microdeposits seem to be pretty common, but most sane institutions just ask you to log on to the other account yourself and type in the deposit amounts into their form.