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    Anybody know of a current breakdown between the status of forks Audacium and Tenacity? Both seem to have active progress but all the “news” out there on Reddit and elsewhere is at least a couple of months old and it would be useful to have a current progress report that stacks them up against the official 3.1.3.

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      Also what exactly they’re trying to succeed in ? The audacity “tracking” is crash analytics and they ditched google as requested for the data gathering..

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        Telemetry was one issue, but the official project also has lots of other long standing issues. One major one is the requirement for a forked wxWidgets build to run right. Other oddities of the build system and the ability to use more system libraries is something some of the forks were addressing besides ripping out telemetry. Some of the forks planned new features too. Obviously any other features or bug fixes obviously need to be compared to what has been done in the official project. Have any of the forks been keeping up with backporting? Are any of them ahead of each other feature wise?

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          a forked wxWidgets build to run right

          Ok but I’d guess that’s less of an political issue and the original project would also like to migrate away from that ? Personally I’d like to see them migrating to QT or GTK as the current library doesn’t understand dpi-scaling even remotely and the issue on wxwidgets for that seems pretty stale or requires huge amounts of work. (Take this with a grain of salt, I just glanced over that ~3 weeks ago.)

          them ahead of each other feature wise

          It does look like tenacity does have a UI refresh I like. But ultimately I think they’re better of merging all their hard work. From my experience it takes so much work to maintain even (in comparison) tiny open source software that has a stable user base and tries to get things right (not breaking stable experience etc).

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            Your guess would be wrong. The original project did not want that, they were offered community patches that accomplished major parts of it along the way and they were consistently refused. Honestly there is a long history of this project not playing very nice with the FOSS community. I suppose there is some hope the current project mangers might take a different stand on that and maybe we will see progress on other fronts, but if playing nice with FOSS folks is now on the table their licensing and telemetry fiascoes straight out of the gate were not a good foot forward.

            We’ll see I guess, but there is reason there are forks and some (like myself) are watching from the sidelines hoping to see momentum build behind at least one of them. At this point it isn’t clear to me which one that might be. Hence the question.

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      Loading in projects especially should now be up to 50x faster compared to 3.1.0

      Not the kind of speedup you see every day! Dang.