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    I’ve yet to find an office chair that doesn’t suck. It’s frustrating that the return period for these multi-hundred dollar ‘investments’ is shorter than the length of time it takes me to determine that the chair causes me some new pain/discomfort. Other than reading posts where people win the chair fitting lottery and just talk about how they found the perfect one (for them), is there some better information to guide folks to finding chairs that can be adjusted to fit them adequately?

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      I’ve had many.

      Eventually I picked up a second hand Mirra (rrp over 1k), which is adjustable enough for most people. It has served me well for 5 years now.

      Herman Miller (the Mirra manufacturer) started out making hospital equipment for convalescent patients, so they understand how to support people even when their bodies aren’t holding firm).

      AFAICT Nobody can make a really good chair for only a few hundred dollars.