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A Haskell book for Haskell users

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    What about it? There are countless Haskell books, why should I care about this one, what makes it good or interesting?

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      It’s a new project.

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        One of the authors is our own @bitemyapp

        ETA: No, it’s not.

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          Nope, that’s Chris Martin. I am Chris Allen.

          I did: http://haskellbook.com (still working on getting final and print version done)

          Currently doing: https://lorepub.com/ https://lorepub.com/product/cookbook http://lambdaconf.us/training/lcusc/practitioners-haskell.html

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            Just wanna say: I love the lorepub and Haskell almanac design.

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              You made the designer I’ve worked with for Haskell Book, Lorepub, and the Almanac very happy :)

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              My mistake!

              Your haskell book is great, BTW.

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                Thank you!

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                Is there a way to subscribe to updates when Haskell Almanac is available?

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                  Other than my Twitter? Not yet.

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                I thought that too, but it’s actually a different Chris who doesn’t look entirely different from bitemyapp. The other author, Julie Moronuki, is the one that worked on Haskell book with bitemyapp.

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                The reason you got a free copy of our book is because people supported the book while it was in development.

                Announcing the book before it’s available is usually because people want to pay now to support development and get continuous updates until it’s finished.