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    What’s wrong with tuples?

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      Seems there is some reasoning in https://github.com/gren-lang/compiler/issues/12 but it doesn’t seem particularly convincing.

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        IIRC PureScript doesn’t have then either, but uses custom types instead

        type Tuple2 a b = Tuple2 a b
        type Tuple3 a b c = Tuple3 a b c

        I kind of like this approach because it reduces parens to only be used for grouping, reducing the overall syntax variety.

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          TypeScript does have tuple types: https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/2/objects.html#tuple-types

          Although I’m fairly convinced by the rationale for excluding them.

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      Gren starts as a fork of Elm with the long term objective of adding support for more web APIs and backend support via JS platforms.

      It is an alpha release so it still has ways to go, but I think it has great promise given the creator and contributors to become a very useful language in the future.