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    Tag suggestion: +software since this is a release announcement, -freebsd since that OS is not relevant.

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      I figured the FreeBSD tag was relevant because of FreeBSD’s ongoing clang/llvm/lld efforts. But maybe not?

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        Ah, I see what you were going for. But the linked page doesn’t mention that at all.

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          They mention FreeBSD in the pages for the subprojects.

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            Indeed, upstream lld developers have been doing a lot of work to get lld into shape as a linker for FreeBSD, and FreeBSD developers have been working on bringing 3.9 into FreeBSD. The lld work is mentioned in lld’s release notes:

            What’s new in ELF Support?

            LLD 3.9 is a major milestone for us. It is the first release that can link real-world large userland programs, including LLVM/Clang/LLD themselves. In fact, for example, it can now be used to produce most userland programs distributed as part of FreeBSD.

            But indeed, this isn’t a FreeBSD story per se.