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    Isn’t this very very similar to what Tailscale does? Just at a lower scale?

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      I’d say that Tailscale does way more than NAT traversal. It is a great service.

      The problem is, that tailscale is not open source. To achieve a similar service you have to build it on your own…

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        At least parts of it are open source: https://github.com/tailscale

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      Is Wireguard a good solution if I want to host a web server that only trusted devices can even see?

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        I use it like that, just make sure all your trusted devices have WireGuard.

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          Is there a guide you used? The best I have so far is @cadey’s

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        would have been nice to use RFC example IP range instead of the public IPs used in the examples.

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          maybe this example is trying to reinforce Dynamically Addressed Peers, and using RFC ips only would not take as much attention of the reader as using, or…