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    As someone that has written two Ludum Dare entires in Love2D, and a Space Invaders clone in pygame, I can heartily recommend Love2D for hobbyist 2D games. It might not be as strong as unity in terms of documentation or assets available, but it’s also infinitely simpler for 2D work. The only thing that might give some pause is Lua. I personally like Lua a lot, but I know that’s not universal.

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      I would love it if there was a clojurescript for lua.

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        Here ya go: https://github.com/raph-amiard/clojurescript-lua

        Hasn’t been updated in years, but IIRC it was an early GSoC project. l2l is probably a bit more practical tho: https://github.com/meric/l2l

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        I’d suggest you look at https://godotengine.org/ - with 3.0 it shapes up to be a serious competitor. It is open source and FOSS and has multiple commercial titles in it already. People like it for 2D capabilities and 3.0 (yet to be released) brings serious updates to 3D engine.

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          The 3D stuff looks neat, but I’m extremely suspicious of the fact that they invented their own scripting language for it. Anyone who thinks inventing and maintaining a new language is going to be easier than integrating an existing one is showing very questionable judgment.

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            Yeah, well 3.0 adds C# support, they had a blog post on why they added gdscript.

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        She’s constantly negative about her decision making process, but I find it rational and refreshingly pragmatic.