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    But what was the actual issue with the router? CPU overloaded due to too many connections, causing overheat throttling? Provider DNS slow? Degenerate DNS cache lookup?

    I was hoping for “multiple DNS providers, one of which is on IPv6, which is broken”.

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      If it’s anything like my old pfSense router it is “goes 6 months without problems, spends a week or two basically refusing to resolve DNS, then back to normal”

      Back in those days my basic first port of all was to ping an IP address.

      But yeah I get your point, it doesn’t quite resolve the problem unless you want to permanently switch DNS

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      Quite good, although it shows how jaded I am that I read

      You wake up one morning, eat some breakfast, and sit down at your computer. You open your email in your web browser.

      The website takes a really long time to load — about 60 seconds! You decide to figure out what’s going on.

      As “someone just emailed me to say the website is taking 60 seconds to load”

      Then I was like “why would I test my own internet speed?”

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        This was fun to go through, albeit a bit ‘in your face’ with the actual problem. I’d love to have something like this for reverse engineering technique!

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          Tagged education for the novel take on teaching a debugging technique (embedding it in a Twine game)

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            Wow, I didn’t expect to have that much fun with this. Very cool way of teaching!