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    brew install redis

    and enjoy the following advantages:

    • HTTPS and digitally signed distribution
    • Run multiple redis servers trivially, with separate databases, for separate projects
    • Easily track upgrades using familiar tools brew update && brew upgrade --all
    • No root/additional privileges required
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      Yup. Throw in https://github.com/jimbojsb/launchrocket and it’s even easier to manage.

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      I feel a bit like a pooped on this with little consideration. I do think packages like this have their place - in fact I have often told people to just use Postgres.app rather than dealing with homebrew for various reasons. This is pretty much the same thing for Redis, which is probably going to make it even easier for folks, which is a good thing.

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        Postgres is fairly complicated to someone who’s never touched it before. Doubly so if you’re unfamiliar with running databases in general. Postgres.app makes it easy to get started.

        It doesn’t get much easier than an (essentially) standalone binary you can run from a terminal. I can see it having a place though; you’re a new Rails developer, your Heroku app uses Redis2go, and you just want a local dev environment.

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          Yes, it’s definitely useful, I’ve used a few of these.