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      You’re not likely to notice a huge difference on an i7 MBP running Chrome over a low latency connection. You should notice a difference on a phone or tablet, especially on a mobile connection.

      As I mentioned in the post, we’ve been monitoring the performance of the new page right from the beginning. We’ve also been benchmarking it against the current page and against competitors’ pages. So I can say with some confidence that the new page is empirically faster than the old page.

      Sorry that the post came across as spammy, btw. This was just a quick “we did a thing” post. I’ll write up some of the more interesting technical details when I get the time.

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        Well, in the post, he does say they’re rolling it out incrementally. Pretty safe assumption nothing has changed for you yet.

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          “If you’re eager to see it before the rollout is complete, it is available at www.bbc.co.uk/news/0.”

          From the article.

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            Just eyeballing it in FF inspector, I see about half the number of HTTP requests and time to first paint is about 40% shorter. It feels qualitatively faster to load, too.

            The presence of concrete details about what they’ve done to achieve this in the linked article makes it not off-topic. Lobsters for discussing how we make technology do things; this is an article about how a widely-used website is altering how it uses technology to do the same things faster.