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Hi all, my company is hiring an experienced web developer. We have two positions you can apply for – one if you’d prefer to specialize in a Ruby on Rails platform for book publishers and one if you’re interested in working on several different projects written in languages including Haskell, Python, and Java. Some folks here have mentioned interest in tech cooperatives, and Position is worker-run and in the process of becoming worker-owned. We’re also 50% women developers (2/4, including me). It’s a really unique and special place to work. I’m happy to answer any questions!

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    This is pretty interesting and I appreciate Position being worker run and owned - not to mention the work life balance, diversity, inclusion, and social justice. It’s just a shame that it’s onsite only. I’d apply if I were near NYC.

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      Thanks! We don’t really have the processes in place to make remote work a possibility but maybe someday. Tech Coop Network may have some similar cooperatives that are more remote friendly!

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      Hey, have you checked https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8646069 ?

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        Yep, I posted the ad there too! But I don’t think many people will see it there, group seems kinda dead already.