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    I downvoted this because Quora won’t let me read the other answers without authenticating.

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      I hate Quora as much as the next guy. I would be happy to post the answer as a standalone blog post and link to that—although, if the problem is “you are only able to read my answer and no one else’s,” I’m not sure if that solves the problem. :P

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        It’s strange; sometimes they do it, sometimes they don’t.

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          What reason did you select? There’s no option for paywall or registration required, which might be good additions.

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            How about “inaccessible”? It could be used for paywalls as well as a site going down.

            I visited the link just now on my phone and Quora showed the entire page without obfuscation, so I removed my downvote. Though if other users have this problem while reading Quora URLs, maybe their submission here should be discouraged.

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              “Inaccessible” is pretty good though sites go down for assorted reasons not intrinsic to some site policy . I’d hate to see a submission down voted because the target site wasn’t running memcache or something.

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          I ran across this recently: http://jsperf.com/angular-vs-knockout-vs-ember

          Not sure how useful it is, but I found the performance results interesting.