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    If you like this, you will love LibreRouter, which is an active fully open source router. The team behind it are from the community network and open source community e.g. from FreiFunk, AlterMundi and LibreMesh.

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      That’s interesting that the company behind it is CZ.NIC the owner/operator of the .cz domain name!

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        And also the authors of Knot, the DNS services behind

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        I have their previous router, the Turris Omnia. Very much like it and the NAS case which fits 2x3,5” drives. Not sure why they don’t offer anything for dual drives in this new router.

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          This is very exciting! I hope that it isn’t too hard to develop external modules that would slip right into the PCI slot.

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            Okay, this is looking rather cool. I am definitely going to check up on them during LinuxDays.

            I hope that they keep going and will eventually offer a 1U rack-mounted router.

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              I have been looking for a good open source router for ages and it’s really hard. Doesn’t seem to be such a thing as an open source modem either.

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                I really like the modular design of this. I wish there were something like that in 2 dimensions where you could connect cheaper systems together in a cluster with high speed interconnect without needing a switch. I guess some sort of cheap NUC-alike with 3-or-more 10gb ethernet connections could do it.

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                  Urgh, what a horrible page. @johnblood this page is a clusterfuck, hope your ad revenue is nice.

                  I’m not convinced, the cost of the extension boards is insanely high given what the cost would be to just shove it all on one board and that two of them don’t have active components - you need to purchase the actual e.g. WNIC or SFP module on top, not to mention antennas for wifi

                  With the super professionally produced video makes it seem even more like crowdfunding fodder to make a buck.

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                    cz.nic appears to be a non-profit; I’m not familiar with Czech law, but section 46 of their statutes prohibit disbursements to their member base, and it’s an association of legal entities, not a share-based structure. The statutes: https://www.nic.cz/files/nic/doc/Stanovy__20170701_AJ.pdf

                    So, no “making a buck”; I believe that the people involved are all salaried. cz.nic have been doing good solid open source software work for many years. It honestly looked to me like a fun video put together in the spirit of crowd-funding, relying upon “humor” and editing away anyone going “uhm” or “er”.

                    I backed the Turris Omnia and am Very Happy with the resulting product, as it’s by far the best home router I’ve owned. It’s things like “actually pushes out software updates with security fixes, in good time” which help keep it that way. So I backed the Mox too, for more ad-hoc use.

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                      Thank you for your kind words.