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      The blog says:

      LPython offers several backends such as LLVM, C, C++, WASM, Julia and x86

      But there’s no mention of a Julia backend in the project readme or docs. It would be relevant to my interests if it could compile python to Julia :)

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        I don’t even know why that’s a thing they’re targeting. You can use Python from Julia already.

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          It’s a little strange, but it would make it easier for people to port projects from python to julia. And, yeah, you can use python or C code from Julia quite easily, but having a Julia source file is still easier (and often faster).

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      Very curious about the results when dealing with mypyc, which I feel like is doing very similar things here

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      I like the ideas and more competition in this field is always better, but this is not pythonic code:

      for i in range(n):
              s += x[i]

      I’m looking for a project which uses pythonic code as input.

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      Benchmarks are for numeric and graph algorithms. Nothing about eg string processing.

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        Given this is coming from the fortran community and types who work at US national labs, the target is clearly numerical Python code.