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I apologize for the title on the actual article being different than this title. This is the title I wanted to submit with, but the editor changed the title and added the first paragraph.


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    Man, this article seems unnecessarily negative:

    Now, I’ll admit it to anyone that I hate PHP with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

    … every PHP code base I’ve seen is an absolute wreck, and I pity the soul of the one who has to maintain it. How could any real engineer use PHP?

    Designers weren’t afraid to use it. For the first time ever, PHP let dumb people (you know, people who understand people) …

    … until now the embedded device landscape has been ruled by bit-banging neckbeard overlords …

    Now the author might be trying to use literary freedom to entertain the reader as embedded software development isn’t always the most captivating topic. And, it’s true, that for the Internet of Things to really succeed, it will need an almost frictionless entry point – something PHP is excellent at. But does the author need to do so with such negativity?

    (meta: I want to downvote this article because there I feel it’s negativity out weighs any benefit, but that isn’t one of the listed reasons. On purpose? I’d guess so, as the truly awful stuff (outright racism/sexism/etc) would probably be immediately moderated.)

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      Agreed. Don’t know what the PHP bashing was all about.

      I have worked in embedded systems for about 10 years now, and if someone asked me how to enter the field, I’d ask them to buy a Raspberri Pi and start playing with it. Or buy a Arduino. I have no idea what this Alljoyn thing does.

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      After reading the article, my only comment is : What?

      I have no idea what the Alljoyn thingy is, and how it relates to PHP.

      From the AllJoyn website:

      “The AllJoyn framework is an open source software system that provides an environment for distributed applications running across different device classes with an emphasis on mobility, security, and dynamic configuration. The AllJoyn system handles the hard problems inherent in heterogeneous distributed systems and addresses the unique issues that arise when mobility enters the equation.”

      So what does it do again?

      And then I found this gem:

      “The types of applications that will use the AllJoyn framework are limited only by the imagination of developers. ”

      I know what we’re dealing with now. What Joel Spolsky called Architecture Astronauts.

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        This article would have been more useful with a better description of what Alljoyn is… Although, having cloned the repository I’m still not wiser…