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    Very thorough! I guess my only question is will following the lead of these 20 bring you success, or just make you look generic?

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      The lists of percentages were not sorted by.. percentage?

      There may be insights in this article, but it seems that there is no comparison as to the goals of each element, and how any of these 20 sites actually measure up between each other based on these elements.

      We analysed the diffs of 20 awesome code patches, and here is what we learnt:

      89% had dots '.'
      72% had equals signs
      30% included a language keyword
      9% were blank

      The article almost writes itself.

      (sorry if I’m being overly negative towards the OP, but I have almost negative experience in visual design and I don’t feel like this article was enlightening)

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        True, although if you finally get past all that stuff you will come to some slightly more interesting material. Wouldn’t say this article was an absolute waste of time to read, because it does give some inspiration, but it wasn’t particularly informative on how each element actually helps your site.