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    Now I really want a font that supports the “Per” symbol. Anyone know of one, or how to search for such a font?

    I can’t even find another source for info about the “per” symbol, aside from this entry in the unicode table, let alone a modern font that supports it. The Wikipedia article for that unicode character redirects to “Ratio”.

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      Firefox inspector reveals the font rendering as “Unviersalia”. At least on my Arch Linux it renders correctly everywhere, including VTE-based terminals, but I can’t verify which font file it comes from.

      EDIT: Of course Noto includes this. Also, /usr/share/fonts/misc/10x20.pcf.gz, 6x12.pcf.gz, Code2000.ttf, and Symbola.otf

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        fileformat.info has a handy “fonts that support this” link - https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/214c/fontsupport.htm