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    Weren’t Flash developers buying condos in London back then?

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      …should I be getting into DevOps/SRE?

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        Well, if you’re good with Linux stuff anyway and writing lots of YAML is your cup o’ tea, sure!

        Snark aside, if you like overseeing and engineering complex systems and can stay on top of new products coming out every other day and dying just as often, it might be a good field to look at. To get started, try to set up a small Kubernetes cluster with cloud servers and then set up a modern CI/CD pipeline on there. If you like that, DevOps is for you.

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        Wasn’t ‘99 already the middle of the dot com boom? How can “it was easy to be hired” be said with a straight face when it went downhill in 2001? I only skimmed the rest of the post but I don’t see “dot com” or “bubble” in the OP’s post.

        So to be fair I’d say you’d need to compare 1995-1997 or 2002-2004 and exactly not the year 98-2002.

        – someone who started freelancing/working student in 2001 in saw people get laid off only a few months after starting at a company

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          1999 was 20 years ago. The dot com boom peaked 20 years ago. It was easy to get hired at the peak of the dot com boom.

          This is exactly what it says on the label.

          2001 was not 20 years ago. It was not at the peak of the dot com boom. It would be a different article if it was written about getting hired 18 years ago. It would also be an interesting article.

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            I don’t really understand what you’re complaining about — this is a personal account of some guy in San Jose (sic!), he’s a software engineer / sysadmin, not a professional historian picking and choosing the best years for a paid article. And, sure, it all may have went bust a year or two later, which he does mention, too, BTW; but how does that make the hiring account from 1999 any different?! Yes, we can certainly appreciate now that maybe it was all too easy in 1999, and I think that’s kinda part of his point as well.

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              To both of you, yes, you’re right - but most people who say “20 years ago” don’t mean “exactly 20 years ago, to the month”.

              I know it’s just one account, but I found the title and the story a bit misleading, because of the contrast to now. Especially when exactly in that timeframe everything changed.