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Subtitle: “…that runs Doom.”

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    This could be just what I’ve been looking for[1]. My Mu computer can now build Assembly programs (including itself) with a single command into bootable disk images that run either on Qemu or a cloud server, but it uses the Linux kernel which is a lot more than it needs.

    I just tried running soso, and got it running with just a couple of minor changes. But when it ran on Qemu it got all the way to just before the command prompt before hanging. I’ll poke at it some more before I open a ticket.

    [1] I saw it on HN yesterday but forgot to follow up. There’s value in multiple sites reposting the same stories.

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      Yeah, I think I forgot to reply to your email about only dependency being Linux kernel. I was going to ask how a bootstrapper like you sleeps at night with a dependency like that. Good you’re working on it. :)

      Embedded OS’s like RTEMS, eCos, and FreeRTOS are also potentially useful here. As are maybe education-oriented designs like Native Oberon and xv6. Github also has quite a few “basic” and “simple” OS’s in various stages of completion.

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        :hulk: That’s my secret: I can never sleep at night.

        I’ve always had a dependency on the Linux kernel. I just still have it, that’s all.

        In addition to your list I’ve also explored OpenBSD and Sortix. But not Soso until now.

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          “ I’ve always had a dependency on the Linux kernel. I just still have it, that’s all.”

          You and I both. I think of it as a multi-million-loc part of my backlog that I just haven’t gotten around to addressing yet. It could be a while. That isolation is becoming an increasingly-foreign aspect of today’s hardware is just making that more complicated (i.e. worse).