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An overview of new features can be found in: https://github.com/vim/vim/blob/master/runtime/doc/version8.txt

A version with links (but a day older): http://vimhelp.appspot.com/version8.txt.html


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    Wow, it seems that with Neovim begin a successful fork, The vim project is becoming ambitious again.

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        They actually made releases https://github.com/neovim/neovim/releases

        I use neovim as installed via brew install --HEAD neovim and for me it is definitely an improvement over the original vim (couldn’t imagine living without that terminal emulator for example).

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        I’m not sure about that, Bram was very open interviews that he values new features over old code beauty and sees the refactoring as holding back the development of the editor.

        http://www.binpress.com/blog/2014/11/19/vim-creator-bram-moolenaar-interview/ (questions 4 and 5)

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          thank you, hadn’t seen that interview yet. Nevertheless, I think his answers also show that he has a cautious approach with regards to changes. Also iirc, the neovim initiators also tried to get patches merged in vim and they were not merged (generally, I don’t want to blame anyone for not merging patches, it is of course at the discretion of a maintainer to decide whether patches are merged). So I still think, that we see async-features, just a while after they were introduced in neovim (and after not having them for decades), is not a totally independent development.

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            Bram doesn’t have to like Neovim’s strategy in order to be motivated by the competition.

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          Whoa, I did not know lambdas and partial functions had been added to Vimscript. Async process support and first-class functions as callback might make writing plugins significantly less painful - do the heavy lifting in the async subprocess, and handle the asynchrony using a mechanism that many people are well-versed in making effective thanks to JavaScript.

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            I’m unsure about how I feel about packages making their way into vim core. I feel like this is a solved problem already! I don’t feel like these changes completely solve the problems things like vim-plug solve.

            I do, reluctantly, admit that my understanding of this async implementation is an improvement over neovim’s. Mostly because it is more abstract, but I don’t fully understand it, and it might be needless abstraction?

            The partials and lambdas are cool. I’ve been feeling a little bit disheartened by vimscript given my recent desire to split up my vimrc into something more like spacemacs layers, and I think that lambdas will help with this.