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    I like that Jane Street (presumably?) pays for transcriptions of all these episodes. I feel like I’d normally just bookmark and never get around to listening to a nonfiction podcast episode like this one, but being able to read the transcript just makes it that much more engaging.

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      May I ask what makes listening to nonfiction podcasts less engaging for you? I prefer reading through the transcript because I don’t have good listening ability (English is my second language), but I assume you do?

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        The main thing, I think, is that podcasts are background for me while I do something (programming, cooking, falling asleep) int he foreground. Nonfiction podcasts I irrationally want to pay 100% attention to, even if paying 70%, 80% attention would still make a net positive impact on my life.

        A second, more subjective thing is that I think nonscripted, nonfiction audio has redundancy. People talking through factual information tend to repeat. When you’re reading, it’s easy enough to see common words or ideas that you already understand and skip over those sentences; with a podcast, of course, it’s harder.