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    I find it kind of ironic that the author mentions KISS, all while talking about their extremely convoluted setup for a static blog. Granted, I understand that making a dApp is a little more complicated than writing some HTML and throwing it on a webserver, but I am almost certain there is a way to do it that is much simpler than using 3 different frameworks in different languages etc.

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      And a fee for every transaction—one to post, one to publish, one to read. Reminds of of the telephone company model where everything costs.

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      Interesting, but I need some explainer of how end users would actually use it, and on which site the content appears. Without that I am not inclined to wade through all the technical stuff.

      However it’s good people are experimenting with alternative ways to blog.

      That said, I think having your own domain and hosting static content is decentralized enough for most purposes. (Perhaps more so that putting your blog on a centralized ledger!).

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        But why