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“All proceeds from this auction will be donated to the OpenBSD Foundation to support and further the development of free software based on the OpenBSD operating system.”


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    I think it’s important to note this is the last version of OpenBSD that will be available on CD—so this is a very limited edition that will never come again.

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      Wait. Can’t you just download the software then write it onto your own CD?

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        Of course you can, but this will be the last official release that you can buy on CD from the site. Future releases will be download only.

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          Of course, but you don’t get the art or developers' signatures.

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            Don’t forget the stickers. Never forget the stickers…

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        Don’t forget you can also send a few dollars to the OpenBSD foundation via their donation page.

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          I wish they would become a registered charity so I could support them through amazon smile, right now I have the FreeBSD foundation set as my amazon smile charity.

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          Hmm, perhaps i should have gotten my set signed in cambridge, too. At the time I was more interested in coding…

          I signed a few other peoples sets, though.

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              I could bring mine to next year’s big hackathon and get it signed by everyone there.

              Would that make it a special special edition? :)

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            Would be nice to have an edition digitally signed by 40 developers. Might make it a little easier to verify the releases than it is today :)

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                Awesome. And if you don’t have the release before?

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