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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I am giving away my youngest child, my only daughter, in marriage. I am finishing up an essay on nulls and philosophy. And I’m going to do my best to forget that somebody around this place is getting old. It might be the dog. Or that chick I hang out with. Can’t be me.

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        it’s definitely the dog

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      I will continue my painting adventures following Bob Ross’ episodes from the show “The joy of painting”

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        The paintings are very good!

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          Thank you! 🌲🌳🐿️

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      I just put an offer on a house. The idea terrifies me, and my anxiety has been through the roof this week.

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        Hang in there. There’s definitely an initial hump of work right after buying but after that owning is no harder than renting, just a different assortment of things to deal with. Definitely cheaper, too.

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          Yup. And even if you end up paying as much as with renting, at least you don’t have landlords hovering - those are like an extra set of in-laws :)

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      Chopping wood. Winter is coming.

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      Attending Rust Belt Rust. It’s going great!

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        Hey, I’m here too!

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          Awesome! Hope you’re enjoying yourself :)

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      Writing a tutorial for different macro systems in Scheme. Not just syntax-rules and syntax-case but also define-macro, in addition to (procedural) explicit/implicit renaming macros, syntactic closures and syntax-parse amongst others.

      Also working on my thesis project. In this stage, I’m trying to adapt Java’s MIDI synthesiser (in Clojure) to microtonal music by transparently attaching pitch bend messages to each note.

      1. 3

        I’m really looking forward to seeing the end result. Despite spending the entire summer working on a Scheme codebase and being one to make liberal use of macros when writing CL, I never did get around to learning Scheme’s macros.

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          Thanks! I’ll let you know once it’s done. :-)

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        Very cool! Have you seen the macro tutorials on [https://wiki.call-cc.org/tutorials](the CHICKEN wiki)? Perhaps you can use some of these as inspiration. Especially the one by Alex Shinn is quite extensive and covers the common systems.

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          Thanks! I remember reading Shinn’s primer back when I was newly learning Scheme. Also I found that CHICKEN wiki’s procedural macro tutorials have the most extensive descriptions of explicit renaming macros out there.

          I want to put together a simple and easy to read resource for beginners to get a grasp of differences between macro systems. I’ve had friends complain to me that most existing resources they can find are old, obscure, verbose and/or academic, so I’m hoping to write an accessible and informal tutorial. I generally don’t want to get into details of implementation and history, and talk mainly about macro usage instead. I’m still not sure about the scope of the article, but I intend to point readers to resources where they can learn more about such systems.

          Would you be interested in taking a look at the incomplete draft and offer me commentary/criticism?

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            I’ve had friends complain to me that most existing resources they can find are old, obscure, verbose and/or academic

            Yeah, this stuff is scattered about and, as you say, often out of date.

            Would you be interested in taking a look at the incomplete draft and offer me commentary/criticism?

            Sure, I would love to help out! If you need my email address, it’s on the CHICKEN wiki (or just ask on IRC)

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      Still working on SRFI-167 and SRFI-168, but also some kind of peer-to-peer distributed database see https://github.com/scheme-live/peer-to-peer

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      Playing with urbit, working more on some blogposts.

      1. -3

        No need dude. Drop that right wing bullshit.

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          i’m well aware of the…unique philosophical views of its creator; but independent of that it’s actually a very interesting thing. All data is implicitly shareable. The VM that powers it is a fully transactional computer, including being able to roll back. Every change to the filesystem is a commit like git. Updates to software are instantly distributed to users. If a user goes offline, then all of the changes they missed get reapplied when they come back.

          It’s the kind of stuff that works as a massive inspiration for creating my own stuff in the future.

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      A Cub Scout campout in a park here in town with my older son. I’m not particularly outdoorsy and I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never pitched a tent in my life.

      If you don’t hear from me by Monday, just assume that I was killed in a horrible tent-related accident.

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      Today is going to be a lot of transcribing scratch work from my notebook to LaTeX for a problem set that I was planning to work on tomorrow, but somehow managed to finish yesterday. Oh, and the student-run college radio station at my uni is hosting Battle of the Bands tonight, which I’ll probably see with my roommate. I took the last of my exams last night, so I should be able to (finally) decompress a little bit this weekend. Run, work on that static-site generator yak-shave that I haven’t told anyone about yet, and prepare for a workshop on binary exploitation that I’m hosting this coming Wednesday.

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      I’m going to play a game of Eldritch Horror. Looking forward to it, as it’s supposed to be a streamlined version of Arkham Horror (which I love, for all its flaws).

      1. 2

        Its not bad. I recommend Mansions of Madness

      2. 1

        I concur. Me and my group do see it as the streamlined version of Arkham Horror. We’ve never won (out of many 5 games) but it’s fun every time.

        1. 1

          I’ve lost too often to remember. In the end I had to give it away. Good game though. :)

    12. 5

      Prepping a security update for TenFourFox, doing a roadgeek write-up, probably a couple small blog pieces.

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      Recovering from this cold, and catching up on some missed work hours :-(

      If I have some spare time, I’ll probably work on adding player name customization to my web-based, multiplayer, endless arcade game https://SneakySnake.io. I think I figured out a simple and efficient way to implement blacklisting on top of the excellent regex-automata crate. Since that was the biggest question mark, the implementation should go pretty smoothly now.

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      We’re replacing a dishwasher. The joys of home ownership.

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        I’m reworking, serviceing and starting our wood pellets powered central heating. Reading and logging all counters and gauges. Maybe change a flaky Pt1000. Drain the pool. Rake obscene amounts of autumn leaves. Order salt and a new snow shovel. Discuss the felling of one of the neighbor’s trees.

        The joys of home ownership.

        Change to winter tires, make fluids frost proof.

        The joys of car ownership.

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      I will probably review and publish some articles for my blog https://hauleth.dev, work a little bit on OpenTelemetry Erlang as I was supposed to present my idea how to register reporters. Other than that I am going to visit my grandparents on their 50th Anniversary.

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      I’m flying to Baltimore to watch my wife run the Baltimore Marathon, while eat fried crabs from the comfort of my behind. Then Sunday I celebrate another lap around the sun (probably with more fried crabs).

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      Taking my daughter to a birthday party for her preschool classmate and doing a pumpkin carving party at a friend’s house.

      I need a break after this week.

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      Tonight - laundry and chores
      Saturday - uncomfortable discussion
      Sunday - going to Turkfest Seattle

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      Survive. Entertaining a two year old and a two weeks old. If I’m lucky, the stars align, and the kids miraculously sleep at the same time, then I’ll start to read ‘Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development’.

      Wish me luck

      1. 2

        Good luck! Soon you’ll have a four year old and a two year old and like us, will be spending all of your time hopelessly negotiating between belligerents, like some kind of domestic Canada.

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      I’m going to the GoLab conference in Firenze 🤷‍♂️

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      Flying to Myanmar for a 16 day trip. Yay!

    22. 3

      Starting the build of my new 3D printer a Voron 2.2 350mm.

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      I’m going to participate with a few friends in Space apps challenge.

    24. 3

      Learning how to use a large 3-axis CNC router at $HACKERSPACE.

      Wish I were going to Rust Belt Rust, but it fell off my radar and life has been busy enough without winging it at the last moment.

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      Traveling to go camping with people I haven’t camped with before.

      Continuing work on my distributable ultra-compatible message board. I am implementing a new more compatible theme at the moment, which looks good in Mosaic and up.

      1. 1

        Edit: I meant to say, people I have camped with before.

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      I’ll be making a dado jig and finish a desk organizer I drew up.

      Also working on my first blog post on my blog.

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      Meeting a friend who is here in Berlin. Studying some Data Structures. Finishing off the font and sound subsystem support in my toy VM in Rust. Thinking about creating an assembler and a debugger for that VM. So maybe I’ll spend the weekend doing some research on that.

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      Fri: reading
      Sat: MTN biking, hosting miracle berry + food tasting party!
      Sun: Cleaning, studying elixir and some kind of mobile+web frontend framework

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      Sat: Heading to OggCamp, seeing some old friends, hopefully making some new ones.
      Sun: Social bike ride with Tri club, hopefully involving cake and coffee.

      If I can find some time, working on a bit of Pico-8 code for fun.

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      Making Ma La with my partner.

      Possibly starting a paper against hacker culture.

      1. 1

        Wait did your last sentence come out as intended?? :)

        1. 1

          yes? Hacker Culture has many problems and over the last few decades it showed too many limits to still be the main perspective of technological appropriation and repurposing. We need a new option, because the old one is too slow and ineffective to react, with the result of being entrenched in a form of resistance that just makes the collapse slower, without offering an alternative or a future of technological egemony.

          1. 1

            The cliques and elitist shit are the worst parts. On top of damage to people, these bad habits make hackers irrationally refuse to improve what they’re doing, esp in tech and organizing.

            Ridding hacker culture of it will lead to both a larger number of hackers and an even faster rate of innovation. Alternatively, we might see some non-innovation where more push boring, proven tech. And then innovate where it’s actually useful.

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      This week flew by, so I haven’t thought about it much.

      I’d like to sleep and get some reading done tomorrow. I just bought Clifford Simak’s collection of short stories, “City”, and I’m really enjoying it so far. Also need to finish up “How to Read a Book”.

      I’ll also work on my Lisp GDAL bindings. There’s a bug causing some types to not be imported, and that makes it impossible to use OGR and vector data. If I can get that fixed, I’ll get back to work on creating a high level API.

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      I’ve got access to a NEC Vector Engine with >1TB/s of memory bandwidth. I’ll be doing some benchmarking :)

    33. 3

      Keep on writing my book, a biography of Las Hermanas Mendoza, an important south texan group of Mexican music in the early post-war years.

    34. 3

      I start a new job next week. It is a Rust infrastructure company. I’ll finally be one of those rare people who gets to work in his hobbyist weekend language! Woohoo! I’ve been working with open source Rust projects since 2014, and this feels like a dream come true.

    35. 3

      I am returning from Belgium, where I am currently working, to Shropshire for two weeks, where I will be starting my air traffickers course.

      It’s been good to work out in this part of the company. I’ve come from my software background onto the coal face in a very admin heavy functions. We have loads of spreadsheets that I’ll be thinking about how to formalise into useful software tools on the train across. I hope I can get a few in place when I get back in a fortnight, before I leave for good in January!

      1. 1

        waves from North Shropshire

    36. 2

      I’ll be studying the industry (logistics) and programming language (Go) for the job I started this month, both of which I have, until now, no experience in. If anyone has recommendations for books or other resources for either of these, please let me know! I have some material, but am looking for more.

      Aside from that, my first Judo tournament as a black belt tomorrow, and practicing guitar, which I’m at the extreme-beginner end of.

      1. 2

        Compared to most languages I use, Go has excellent documentation. Almost everything under https://golang.org/doc/ is worth skimming if you’ll be using it fulltime for years.

      2. 2

        “Aside from that, my first Judo tournament as a black belt tomorrow”

        Congratulations on getting your black belt. I know that took a lot of time and effort. :)

        1. 2

          Thanks Nick! It did, indeed, but it’s been very rewarding. It’s physically and mentally stimulating in a way I haven’t experienced otherwise, and it’s the best offline community I’ve ever been a part of as an adult.

    37. 2

      I’m going to try and make general tsaos chicken.

    38. 1

      Doing some soldering, building a couple mic preamps.

    39. 1

      Learning Colemak on my new Ergodox.