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    I love these points! I was a literature major and grad student and writing code has a very similar “feel” to writing essays. You have to think through all your thoughts. But, I think programming is more satisfying because the result of all your thinking is usually something practical.

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      I have always likened programming to philosophy. If you read the biggest names in classical philosophy most of them are proposing constructs in abstract thought, some of them extremely elaborate and a few even dynamic in nature. With modern programming tools we can now build these constructs in a whole range of much more mathematical languages which allow vastly different structures built in to the basic assumptions.

      Not only do we have new powerful languages but we have machines which can explore pathways through the constructs in a directed (or random) way. Also powerful tools for visualising and analysing the output of these constructs.

      It will be a while before these philosophies gain widespread recognition as the next steps on the road that Socrates and Descartes walked, but there is no doubt in my mind.