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We are three guys who notice annoying and bad UX solutions everywhere. So we decided to write about it.

(The engine is written in Clojure, btw https://github.com/tonsky/grumpy)


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    Suggestion for the website itself: Don’t have the auto-load happen when you first scroll down to the bottom of the page. Let the user initiate that action so that the footer is still accessible. The Instagram website is a good example of this design pattern. Otherwise, really interesting stuff, thanks for sharing!

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      This is somewhat of a meta-joke we have — autoload and unreachable footer are clear anti-patterns, yet we force them ourselves. But you’re right, we should eventually switch to initiating the autoload by user.

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        Or make the footer stick to the bottom of the browser frame.

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          ugh please no, floating elements are terrible and only limit screen real estate on small devices.

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            I think floating navigation can make sense in some contexts since having navigation easily accessible can be important. A footer is not important to have always accessible though, so I would agree that it probably isn’t the best choice here.

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        For me, it loads the rest of the page before Safari can even finish the bounce-back animation, so it just cuts it off in the middle.

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        Huge props on writing the engine from scratch! I really like the random phrase ticker at the top, it’s a nice touch. A couple of nitpicks:

        Overall, you guys make a lot of really good points. Keep it up!

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