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This link was submitted in early July, but since then I’ve improved termtosvg in several ways. The most important new feature is the ability for the user to provide an SVG template for the animation. This makes it possible to embed custom CSS or JS code in the final SVG in order to have a custom terminal UI, a progress bar, a play/pause button, etc…


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    How does the size of the generated SVG compare to something like asciicast?

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      You can find examples of recordings together with the cast files from which they are generated here: https://github.com/nbedos/termtosvg/tree/develop/examples

      The SVG output is usually 5 to 10 times bigger than the cast file.

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      Regarding https://nbedos.github.io/termtosvg/pages/templates.html#window_frame_js (…I manually added that URL anchor and it doesn’t work. It is meant to target the window_frame_js item.)

      I need an interactive terminal where Page Up/Page Down adjust that playback bar instead of actually doing any scrolling!! I have always needed that, but I didn’t know until today. My next requests may be obvious.. :)

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