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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    About 2015 I accidentally bought 8 pounds of mutton when I wanted 2, so I invited a bunch of friends over to eat it all. Since then I host a Goatfest every February. All the dishes use either goat meat, goat milk, or goat cheese. Twelve people are coming and I’m making six different dishes, plus after-dinner chocolates.

    Sunday is just gonna be a recovery day.

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      I read this as an acronym: Greatest Of All Time Fest, which I hope it will be.

      PS: I’m not familiar with mutton being used for goat meat, only sheep. (I’m in the UK.)

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        Where are you that mutton is used to refer to goat? I’m in Ireland and I’ve never heard it used for anything but sheep.

        Also, what dishes are you cooking? I’m tempted to pick up some goat myself now, haven’t cooked with it in years.

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          It was an Indian butcher in Chicago’s Devon area that offered both “sheep mutton” and “goat mutton”, I just picked the goat! The tentative plan for dishes is

          • Starter course of bread and goat cheese
          • Goat braised in tamarind with black garlic
          • Lamb sausage and peppers
          • Mac ’n Goat Cheese
          • Mashed potatoes with goat milk and goat butter

          Hm, that’s only five courses, guess I miscounted.

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            Huh, looked into it and seems mutton can also refer to goat meat in some places (particularly southeast asia).

            Good luck with Goatfest! Might try recreate that goat braised in tamarind myself. I have some black garlic lying around that I should use up anyway.

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              TIL, also had only ever heard of mutton as referring to sheep.

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                It’s a bit surprising, since it’s a corruption of the French word for sheep. On the other hand, English does love repurposing vocabulary.

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        Back in the icy plains of the Canadian prairie to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. I’ll pass the time by breaking out my old hockey skates and playing pick-up hockey at a nearby community rink while getting flexed on by 14-year-olds.

        I’m starting a RIIR of the TLA+ tools so just writing the lexer at the moment. I had written a tree-sitter grammar for TLA+ a couple years ago so already know the ins & outs of parsing the language. Currently the most difficult part is figuring out the simplest, least-error-prone method of writing all this finicky lexing code. I love rust sum types but wish you could also restrict what functions can be called depending on the current enum state, to disallow invalid state transitions at compile time. I’ve found something called the “typestate pattern” which claims to do this but fear it’s a bit above my current rust skill level. I’m following the textbook Crafting Interpreters although it requires some adaption for UTF-8 (unicode math symbols!) and the amount of lookahead TLA+ lexing demands.

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          I was looking into learning model checking with Rust and LTL; have you looked at pest?

          Also, for RIIR context: all of the important TLA+ tools were written in 1997, in Java. The most important tool is the model checker, which is incredibly CPU- and RAM- hungry. It’s the perfect use case for something like Rust.

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            There is certainly the performance aspect, and it’ll be interesting to see how much work it will take to beat the current model checker (TLC). I am more interested in the language tooling aspect at this time - the current parser (SANY) is basically unusable for consuming as a dependency, and I don’t think there’s even a standalone interpreter you can split off from TLC. Once high-quality parser & interpreter crates exist we will be able to do a lot of things much less hackishly than they’re done now.

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          I’m continuing to work on my Clojure linter. I had originally wanted to just write an alternative to kibit, but I realized I could generalize the approach and turn it into a fully-fledged linter. I like clj-kondo on the whole, but working on it can be a real pain so this is my experiment with a focus on developer ergonomics instead of raw speed.

          I’m not ready to show it off yet, but I hope to get there relatively soon.

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            More work on my search engine (https://ichi.do). The search engines has a tagging system that shows the user which search results use google trackers (such as google analytics) and site popularity. I’m going to be expanding the number of tags to include a cloudflare tag (tags websites which use cloudflare) and some other tags. Also going to be changing the default theme to reduce page size and load time.

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              Continuing trying to get zig working on Haiku. It’s getting closer, but a two hour iteration loop is painful!

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                It’s getting closer, but a two hour iteration loop is painful

                What’s the bottleneck?

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                  It seems to be a Haiku specific issue, that I’ve got no idea about. I saw “page daemon”, which ensures pages are available, spiking a lot so I disabled that entirely (the zig build uses ~13GB), but that was a red herring.

                  Unfortunately, I don’t have a working backtrace in zig yet, and Haiku’s Debugger just shows what looks like absolute nonsense, with stack frames including functions that should never get called, so it’s a bit of a black box right now :-/

                  Can see this for the nonsense: https://gist.github.com/jessicah/555a4d36995b96aae79bf5137e7feaa3

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                Running a 10km event on Saturday, my training so far this year consists of a 4km jog a week or so ago and some hill walking. Not expecting great things, but showing up and running all the way round (slowly) is my only goal for it. Annoyingly haven’t managed to get an MOT on the Z4 in time, so for the first time ever in my history of attending this event (a whole two previous visits) I’ll be turning up in a different car.

                Beyond that I don’t really have much planned. Probably watch a film or two and tinker on some homelab stuff. Or at least plan some homelab stuff.

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                  10km finished. Didn’t die, came in four minutes under target finish time. Ideal.

                  Proper pub lunch now in my immediate future.

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                  Hopefully making a little headway in an experiment writing a text editor in Rust using Bevy (inspired by @healeycodesblog post).

                  Curious if anyone knows of any good literature on the subject of designing and implementing text editors (or IDEs, I suppose). I found a few books and papers from the 90s but had trouble with anything more recent, other than blogs.

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                    That blog post (re)inspired me too! Over the last year or so I have collected many bookmarks of blog posts detailing the implementation of text editors, but I haven’t found much beyond that. So I’m also interested in any information others have to share!

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                    Tidying the garage, and hopefully set up my blog to use Nix flakes.

                    Not to forget, listening to my 11yo boy gushing about how fun it is to finally get to play Sea of Thieves, after my wife set up her Intel Mac to dual-boot MacOS/Windows.

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                      After a lot of failing to make my blog into a Nix flake I feel that I’m close, but there’s some details missing. I got as far as this. The issue I’m facing is that ox-rss.el is not available to the version of emacs used by my publish-blog derivation, see CI.

                      PS: the reason I’m using my own fork of nixpkgs since one of the Melpa packages I’m using is not available in nixpkgs (PR). I’m not sure if that adds complications here, but it seemed to work fine in the old shell.nix version of this.

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                        Whoop whoop, green build!

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                      • CAD and print a lens cover for my desktop webcam – I managed to accidentally log into morning standup on cam with morning face & hair this week, so it’s overdue.
                      • Finishing assembly on my PiDP-11 that’s gotten put off way too long.
                      • Studying for the FCC Amateur Extra exam – I kinda slid through tech and general without really knowing what I was doing, but extra is a bit more depth that I didn’t just remember from school.
                      • A houseplant/indoor gardening meetup where I hope to offload some cuttings and maybe adopt some new plants.
                      • Stopping by the makerspace and catching up and picking up some projects again as I have hardly been in since the end of the summer.
                      • And running… signed up for a spring football league but have yet to get back to any real cardio/endurance since the holiday break
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                        Preparing our garden for the first time. We bought the house last year and we want to grow plenty veggies this year.

                        Also spending quality time with my son.

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                          • Catching up on sleep. Currently at an 18 hour deficit due to on my call rotation.
                          • Going for a hike
                          • Adding some more features to https://rpgportrait.app so I can hopefully put in public beta next week.
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                            Working on a blog post for doing shape typing on numpy ndarrays

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                              I came back to a mountain of work after taking a week off on account of COVID, so I am going to clean the house, as there has been no cleaning whatsoever for two weeks now and the whole place is a mess. This is probably a good thing, considering that, having come back to a mountain of work, I barely had a free evening this week.

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                                Saturday, I’m participating in an orienteering competition in town. Sunday, between chores, I think I’m going to start writing the first part of a bunch of posts on my blog about building an OpenThread-based sensor module with Zephyr.

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                                  A long-ish bike ride (~30-50 miles) on Saturday and an icy, muddy trail run on Sunday.

                                  I’m also starting to play with the Ride With GPS API wrapper I wrote a while back to analyze some data about my runs. I’d like to tie together a few CL packages I’ve made (RWGPS and GDAL bindings, OSM tile fetching/drawing, etc.) to play the data and make some kind of “app”, but for now I just want to hack things together in the REPL.

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                                    On-call and admiring the snow + sunny weather outside.