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    Many of these are Github-specific; at work we use a graphical diff tool that shows the two files side by side, marking where changes have occurred. It does exactly what it sounds like you’re looking for.

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      Meld works great for that.

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          KDiff3; it’s not perfect (Qt-based I think), but it does show the original and new versions side-by-side so you also get a visual indication of what’s changed. As puffnfresh mentioned, meld is also good.

          We also have a custom viewer that’s based on our Clearcase install.

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            Since I used to work there, I should probably plug FogCreek’s Kiln which focused from the beginning on code review. By default I think it just shows the diff with some context, but you can ask to see the whole file.

            As of recently, it even supports that git thing people use. :)