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    Oh man! This brings back memories. One could build bare metal programs that actually had sockets, and connect over the network. I am glad it is still usable.

    I wish the OP published a VM or docker image though; would loved to have give it one more try. Does any one know what happened to the group at Utah? Why did it end up abandoned?

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      Hmm, I guess I could. I’ve been working on sourcing the final versions of oskit on the gnu savannah, along with oskit-Mach.

      It wasn’t all that hard to compile using Debian 2 to be honest, and the CD images are on archive….

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      This is still a thing, its called Unikernels.

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        Or “embedded systems”. mbedOS, Zephyr, ESP32-IDF and others let you pick what modules you want to include, then statically link everything to a raw binary image that you flash onto the device. Yes, they include TCP/IP, as well as Bluetooth, filesystems (at least FAT), and usually some form of preemption if not a full thread library.