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    it has a memory controller issue and cannot operate correctly with 2 sticks of ram

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      yeah there is a buyer on aliexpress who thankfully posted their experience on this (in russian). The board sees the ram, it posts fine, but Linux is highly unstable with it.

      Pull the ram out of either slot, so it’s single and it runs fine.

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        Hey you’re on lobsters yourself! Off topic but I really like your site and articles. It’s always fun time when my rss reader lists your site with a new article.

        I’m curious though on the person behind it, the “from se Asia” at the bottom on every post is quite sparse.

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          Hey! Im glad you enjoy it, I do put a lot of work into it, and accidentally too much money this month!

          I guess I could do a AMA although it’s really not all that exciting

          I saw a sign on the side of the street in London that said “Why not go to Hong Kong?”. And I thought to myself, why not? So I hopped on a plane the next day and I’ve been living here for seven years now. I put in my application for permanent residence so all being well I’ll get my *** ID card, and a Chinese name and have immigrated here.

          I do like virtual stuff as it’s VERY portable. It’s sad and annoying looking back 10+ years ago as I’ve lost everything I’ve owned a few times now, but all I got is some backups and disk images that I was crazy enough to put onto servers in someone else’s data centre years ago.

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      Not sure how well this performs agains the Raptor Blackbird but it’s about a quarter of the price.

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        It’s Pi-tier (with better I/O though) and I believe unlike Raptor’s systems and previous Loongson systems, the firmware is proprietary. Not really a comparison other than “ew x86”.

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          I can boot single user mode (I think?) and try running byte-unixbench-5.1.3….

          is there any benchmarks for the blackbird? I’d expect it to destroy this thing.

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            I’d just run SPECcpu if you have it.

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              Isn’t it like $2000 ?!