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    I love Hammerspoon! My config lets me handle window management, automatically typing my absurd corporate username, anycompleting, toggling Zoom mute globally, and some other stuff.

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        This is the official config thread. Here’s my pretty basic config:


        See my layout function that instantly returns me to a standard coding setup for some of what’s easy to do with Hammerspoon. It has a lot built-in. Along with Karabiner for more low-level event-binding (see the definition for my “hyper” key) you can accomplish a lot if you’re a bit comfortable with Lua.

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        Is this AppleScript for people who prefer Lua?

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          No, because AppleScript responses need to be provided by the application. Hammerspoon allows for much more, treating apps like black boxes. Sure, you can direct some keypresses to them, but it doesn’t talk to apps otherwise.

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          I once used Hammerspoon but later realized that I can do anything in Hammerspoon with Keyboard Maestro so I stopped using it.

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            How does your recommendation handle window management? (I looked at a few pages, but didn’t find much.)

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              I use BetterTouchTool for window management. But KM has actions to move windows too.

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              Do you have any incentives or connections that might influence your recommendation?

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                Not sure what you mean. I love KM because its a tool where I can easily make custom macros with as many actions as I want and bind it to a key directly with Karabiner.

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                  I’m asking if you have any financial incentives to recommend Keyboard Maestro.

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                    Why are accusing him of shilling?

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                      I’m not accusing, just asking.

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                      What a profoundly odd line of questioning.

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                        In some other contexts, some would call this line of questioning “in bad faith”

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                +100 hammerspoon is awesome. I have essentially equivalent mirrored configs of hammerspoon for macos and awesomewm for linux. The hammerspoon API is a much cleaner design and more use-case driven whereas the awesomewm lua API spends a lot of concentration points on ability to customize every dang pixel without providing easy ways to do common things.

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                  Reminds me of AutoHotkey for Windows, which I love. Anybody here who knows both well enough to compare them?

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                    I’m looking for the same! AHK keeps me on Windows. People tell me hammerspoon is a sufficient replacement but I’ve not seen an in-depth breakdown.

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                    I was a huge Hammerspoon user for a long time. I found that even though it was very unpolished and lower-level than I found intuitive, writing super straightforward Lua was a dream. Eventually I switched to Alfred.

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                      Reminds me of f-script back in the day https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-Script_(programming_language)