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    No, please don’t say “GPUs” then, say “nvidia products”.

    The real ecosystem would be rust-gpu plus gpgpu or something.

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      How do these projects work as nvidia have there own proprietary compiler?

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        Nvidia’s proprietary compiler (NVCC) is actually just a wrapper around the host’s compiler and LLVM and reverse-engineering it isn’t that hard (in fact Google did it to implement CUDA support in LLVM and I did it in order to add support for CUDA in GNAT, GCC’s Ada frontend).

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          Ironically, CUDA is incredibly well documented…

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            Yes, I found it really odd that you could get so much information about the ISA, the execution model and even the various steps the toolchain goes through but nothing about the transformations happening to the source code. Fortunately gcc -E and nvcc --verbose --keep help a lot there :).