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    defaults: map Y to y$ #13268 (5a111c1), closes #416 #6289

    End of an era

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      There are quite a lot of similar changes to old defaults (see the lines starting with defaults:) like mapping C-l to cleaning search highlight & updating diffs or various option changes.

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      They’ve added virtual lines! Would love to see REPL plugins support this to show output inline. Also theorem prover plugins!

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        What is a virtual line?

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          It is a line of text visible in the editor but is not present in the actual text buffer. Previously nvim supported virtual text inline, used to show warnings or other information after a line of code for example. Now entire lines can be inserted virtually.

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          I might be poking at this in the future – editor integrations for annotated code.

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          I still use gvim for pasting things in scratch files quite a bit. Is there a recommended GUI for neovim these days? I tried one a few months ago, but it was barely usable

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            I don’t know if recommended but I’m enjoying neovide quite a bit, for being basically console nvim with small improvements that don’t try to make it into something else.

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              I use vimr for this same scenario. I haven’t had any issues.

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                I’ll add that the main developer is very helpful even in the face of very out-of-the-ordinary problems.

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                  I also use vimr as a daily driver and have been happy with it. I’ve also used neovim-qt in the past and that was very solid.