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    Quality YouTube channel. One of the best videos I’ve seen posted on lobste.rs.

    Went through the channel and found this, which is part of a series:

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      This is probably the best explanation of any technical subject I’ve ever seen. I’ve never worked with hardware nor video signals before, yet I was able to follow the whole thing. This video is going into a very short list of videos to save for when my children are a bit older.

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        I’ve had is 8-bit computer videos in my “to watch” list but haven’t gotten to them yet. This is the first of his videos I’ve seen. Very straight forward and understandable. Good stuff.

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          Highly recommend those, where he builds a CPU from discrete logic; gave me a simple but solid understanding of how a CPU works at the ‘logic’ level e.g. what is microcode? how does stuff get moved around between registers, what’s the relationship between clock and microcode or assembly ‘instructions’, basic of how busses work at hardware level. Modern CPU’s I’m sure are very advanced / optimised, but I imagine the concepts hold.