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      that was very touching, thank you for writing. He was definitely an inspiring and cheerful person. I value his creations and talks very highly.

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      If you were talking with people at a conference, all standing in a circle, and you suddenly got Joe’s attention, he’d be inching closer and closer to you, entirely focused, eventually ending up face-to-face with you, the circle crushed by his interest. You’d be able to have his undivided attention for a while, between huge bursts of laughter.

      Hah! This were my experience when talking/hanging around Joe during conference. He was bouncing between subjects depending what people brought into the conversation, no matter if it was tech or someones obscure hobby. Always asking questions and getting everyone to talk, giving that undivided attention. I accidentally skipped three or four talks during that conference because I decided to talk with him during break. Such an awesome personality.